Exercise with a Smile on My Face

I would recommend the sessions to all mums.

My daughter is now eight months old and Buggy Babies on a Tuesday morning has been a valuable part of mine and my daughter's social life, with the added benefit that I am definitely getting fitter.

Mel very quickly gauged the kind of person I am and the methods she needs to employ to ensure that I work hard during the session but enjoy myself. She doesn't let me slack. I believe it is important to exercise with a smile on your face and that definitely happens on a Tuesday morning. Sessions are varied, with new exercises regularly introduced. Mel is there come rain, shine or snow, and she and her daughter are always welcoming. I would recommend the sessions to all mums.
Hannah Jones

"After one session I was totally Hooked"

Mel's enthusiasm and fun really help me

I tried out body pump for the first time about 2 years ago as I wanted to tone up and get more all-over body strength. Mel was the instructor at my first class and after one session I was totally hooked. Mel has a number of qualities that make her an excellent fitness trainer. Most important for me is that she is very clear in her instruction and emphasises the importance of good technique. This means that, in every session, you know what you should be doing and how you should be doing it. This makes me feel like I get the most out of each session in a safe way. I also really like Mel's sessions because she is an excellent motivator. Her enthusiasm and fun really help me get through every part of the session, even the press ups!

Mel has helped me to stick with my fitness, tone and strength goals and get enjoyment out of the process too - it can't get any better than that!
Laura, Guildford

I'm surprised at what even I achieved

I wasn't quite sure what to expect with Mel's 'Total Body Conditioning' as it's a class I've never done before. I'm glad I gave it a go as I really enjoyed the sessions, which did indeed work every part of my poor, weary body!!

Each week the warm up was different including 'traditional' aerobics, Body Combat and Zumba moves and even a Step week (there is no class this woman can't teach!) I'd forgotten how much I used to enjoy these as it's been a while. I've since given Zumba another go having had a refresher with Mel.

but with Mel making me do 'just 8 more', i'm surprised at what even I achieved.After the warm up there was a weights section for the upper body. I would never choose to lift weights at the gym and always used the lightest ones here, having zero upper body strength, but with Mel making me do 'just 8 more', I'm surprised at what even I achieved.

Floor work followed for the lower body and core. This included toning exercises for the legs, sit ups, balance work and stretches. Again, every part of the body was considered and each week was always varied.

After a cool down and final stretch, a hot bath called and I knew I'd had a good workout the following day! Mel mixes it up each week so there is never a chance to get bored. She knows her stuff but works at your level and pace, yet is always there to challenge and stretch you that bit more. A funclass and the time passed quickly so it must have been good!
Mrs N Cook

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