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Mel's Top Fitness Tips

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Cut Calories

Cut calories easily by eating your meals with a teaspoon!


Never go food shopping when you are hungry! It's a fact that we make all the wrong choices. Make a list and stick to it :)

Activity and Energy Used

How about this for some calorie facts!!

  • Cycling - 400 calories per hour 
  • Dancing - 300 calories per hour 
  • Gardening - 250 calories per hour 
  • General Housework - 190 calories per hour 
  • Ironing - 250 calories per hour
  • Jogging - 500 calories per hour 
  • Running - 900 calories per hour 
  • Swimming - 500 calories per hour 
  • Walking - 250 calories per hour


Caffeine helps trigger the release of fat into the blood. Try drinking a cup of coffee an hour before exercising. The exercise will then burn the fat released.

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